Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi, this is my first Blogg and I hope it will develop and prove of interest to my followers.  My colleague hygienists tell me I am a pioneer in the profession as I have served and spoken to and for the hygienist association, developed a periodontal brush and opened my own periodontal referral practice.
The reason for this history is to give you an idea that I am devoted to my profession, the job I do and this means to my patients and those to become my patients. You might have noticed a poster about spitting blood when you brush your teeth is a warning, and so it is.  About one in ten people develop serious gum disease in middle or later life if not before. Apart from causing tooth loss there are links to heart disease and bowel cancer as well as to lower birth weight babies. My promise is I will stop your bleeding gums or return your fees. That promise means you don't lose your teeth and your money! See me at

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