Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April Monthly Newsletter



Dr Richard Malloch has joined the team at MIDHS LTD. He is a very experienced prosthetic and restorative dentist, He is a senior lecturer and instructor, both nationally and internationally on Professor Tipton’s courses. He is highly skilled in placing implants and restoring beautiful healthy teeth. He has recently completed an additional postgraduate Diploma in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics.

1. Practice Careful Sweet Selection
Limit your consumption of sweets that are sticky or gummy. While caramels, and jelly beans are tasty, it’s better for you to indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate or other treats that will not stick to your teeth as easily.
2. Don’t Graze
Munching on sweet snacks all day long is not only hard on your waistline, but it is also hard on your teeth. Eat your sweet treats with a meal.
3. Rinse
Experts explain that brushing immediately after eating a sugary snack can do more damage than good. Dentists recommend simply rinsing your mouth with water after eating a sweet treat. Plain water helps the saliva do the job of neutralizing the pH of the mouth.
4. Chew Sugarless Gum
Chewing sugarless gum after your Easter meal can help your saliva glands get to work neutralizing the acids in your mouth. It will also help remove food particles from your teeth.


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