Thursday, 1 June 2017

MIDHS June 2017 Newsletter

MIDHS Monthly Newsletter

Happy Birthday Steve!
The MIDHS team would like to wish our practice administrator; Steve Jevon a very Happy 60th Birthday!
Preparing for
The BSP Conference
The MIDHS team are now preparing for next dental exhibition; The British Society of Periodontology conference  in Kings Cross, London at the end of June.
The Dentistry Show shaped up to be yet another unmissable event, The Vision Perio Interdental Brush stand attracted over 500 delegates keen to learn why Maggie Jackson's brushes were different to any of the other interdental brushes on the market.
Dentist; Mr Phillip Greene and Hygiene Therapist; Mr Deepak Simkhada also inspired other clinicians with their knowledgeable and captivating speeches, again explaining why dental professionals should be teaching their patients to use  
Vision Interdental Brushes.
More than a third of Brits fear the Dentist’s chair
At MIDHS we take extra care to give you all the time you need to overcome any anxiety, read our testimonials.
34% of Brits fear the dentist’s chair
The research questioned 2,000 British adults about their fears when visiting the doctors, dentists and opticians.
It revealed that 79% of those who admitted to having fears about visiting the dentist, doctors or opticians put off receiving medical advice as a result.
‘It is important that everyone is at ease when they have a medical problem or question so that they speak to a medical professional when they need to.
‘Putting off appointments is something many are guilty of but this can be dangerous.’


The top reasons for apprehension of medical appointments were:
  1. 69% - Finding a previously unknown health problem
  2. 52% - Phobia of medical equipment
  3. 45% - Bad childhood memory
  4. 22% - Previous bad experience
  5. 14% - Potential pain
Will YOU receive a FREE mouth mirror?
MIDHS LTD will be posting 500 informative letters this month, we are on a mission to help remind our patients the importance of regular Dental & Hygiene appointments. The mouth mirror will enable you to check the back of your teeth in the comfort of your own home, something most people have never done before!  
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For every Like & Share  we will donate £1.00 to Dentaid who supply equipment, training, and oral health services to hospitals, clinics, and dentists in the developing world.

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